Wolf’s victim found off New Zealand

The sunken wreck of the passenger ship S.S. Wimmera, which struck the Wolf‘s minefield off New Zealand in 1918, has reportedly been found. The wreckage was discovered on March 19 by a team using underwater sonar off the country’s northernmost tip.

The team that located the wreck, Mike Hodson and Keith Gordon, have photographed it using a remote camera device in 90 metres of water. Read about their discovery here.

Twenty-six people drowned, two of them children, when the Wimmera struck a mine while sailing to Auckland in June 1918. The tragedy was blamed at the time on the ship’s captain, but archival evidence uncovered in The Wolf suggests it was largely a result of the incompetence and intransigence of local navy officials.

  1. Donald Trayes says:

    I really enjoyed the book, surprised to find the Surname in the Index (Trayes) I’ve seen the name Frederick George Trayes on Ancestry.com but I wonder If anyone during research, If he had relatives besides, wife Jessie and daughter Dorothy.I do have relatives still living in the UK, and New Zealand. Thanks

  2. duncan philps says:

    My grandfather Gordon Allday was on board Wolf and ended up in prison in Germany, F G Trayes was kind enough to write to my great grandfather letting him know of his sons (Gordons) whereabouts.I still have a copy of his letter.


  3. groton says:

    Yes! Finally sⲟmеone writеs about tragеdy.

  1. The Wolf says:

    Ollie Papps

    I found a great…

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