The Wolf named best non-fiction book of 2009

The Wolf has been named the best Australian non-fiction book of 2009 by The Week magazine. The award was made in the December 24 issue of the magazine’s Australian edition.

The Week is an award-winning weekly compendium of news and media published in Britain, the United States and Australia.

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  1. Eva Liebermann says:

    /Dear Mr. Hohnen and Mr. Guilliat,
    I just finished reading your book after having been made aware of its imminent U.S. release through the article in the WALL STREET JOURNAL. It is breathtakingly written and fastidiously researched. The story is of utmost interest to me because my father was one of the crew, the Oberheizer Heinrich Schaefer. I remember my father telling us about the heat, the coal dust, the scarcity of drinking water and the cramped quarters. I also remember the story of capturing the Hitachi Maru and the later suicide of its Captain Tominaga. My father was eminently qualified for the special mission that the Wolf embarked on. He was tough, frugal. hardworking, not a complainer. I always thought that Nerger had handpicked his crew. But your book seems to refute this assumption, in reporting that he inherited the bulk of his crew from the Belgravia. My father was drafted into the Navy in 1911 when he was 20 years old. When he had almost completed his 3-year service, the war broke out and he had to serve another 4 years during WW I , including the harrowing trip on the Wolf. The picture on your book website of the barque BELUGA shows three crew members leaning on the ship’s railing; the one in the middle facing the viewer could possibly be my father. Is it possible to obtain this picture with a higher resolution? My father became a mechanical engineer. I live in Berkeley, California, like the Cameron Family. My brothers live in Germany. We all think, the Wolf story would make a nailbiter of a movie. Is there any chance in turning it into a script? Thank you for the book. Friendly greetings,
    Eva (Schaefer) Liebermann.

    cc: Joachim Schaefer
    Klaus Schaefer
    Wanda Liebermann
    Tobias Liebermann

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